Solar Technology

Emdad Group has global partners for solar technologies who delivers exceptional quality product with proven efficiency and durability all over the world. Their growth with new investments, R&D and market leadership has brought them in leading and reliable partners across the globe. They have
following advantages to make them superior from others:

  1. Sharply reduced operational cost.
  2.  Protection against electricity rate increase.
  3. Outstanding return on investment.
  4. Access to Tax, Credit, and incentive.
  5. Long lasting with virtually very low Maintenance Cost.
  6. Recognition as a forward-thinking “Green “Business.
  7. Green and Clean electricity with no harmful emission
    and Carbon Foot Print.
  8. Technology is available to convert sunlight into clean electrical
    energy using PV modules thus creating greater energy Independence. 
  9. No noise, simple and environmental friendly
  10. No need to expend grid minimal transmission loses being power generation close to
    consumption area.


  •  We provide solar solution for both on Grid & off Grid.
  • We provide a detail-engineering solution for Industrial use of solar technologies including a
    complete assessment of workload & load evaluation/seizing.
  • System Design & Integration.
  • Compilation of Technical & Commercial offers.
  • Established relationship with supply chain Management.
  • We have local presence thus enjoy customers trust, Confidence & Quick response.
  • We have solar solution street lighting  Telecommunication fields
  • We have the best supply chain agreements with the leading manufacturers of solar products
    in the world.


  • Well-reputed 20 years’ experience in Middle East Region with sound Knowledge of market &
    Customer needs.
  • 18 years extensive experience in PV Industry in particular with vast experience in specialized
    system designing.
  • On-site installation & commissioning expertise.